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About Us

The Pie Guyz, a spin off “The Pie Hut”, a family run South African pie shop, specializes in savory meat and vegetarian pies. Owners Sugith and Sashika, originally from South Africa, settled in Canada some nine years ago. They soon found out that there were limited cafes and bakeries that specialized in savory meat and vegetarian pies. Hence the idea of “The Pie Guyz” was born.

At The Pie Guyz, we are very conscious of the quality of food, and the environment. Ingredients are all natural and many come from local suppliers. We take pride in manufacturing our pies from scratch, and believe that great tasting food comes from simply using quality fresh ingredients, having cooks that are passionate about their products and knowledgeable, experienced bakers. We don’t cut corners with our pies or add any artificial coloring’s, flavorings or preservatives. Pies the way they should be: warm, flaky, delicious and flavorful.

Boasting a typical South African cuisine, they still do cater to local tastes and pallets, certainly not ignoring North American staple goods. As well, they offer a variety of options to both, their veg and non-veg customers. Products are also available unbaked, allowing you to purchase and take the goodness home.



Mon – Fri : 9:30 A.M – 6:30 P.M
Sat : 10 A.M – 6 P.M
Sun : Closed

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2120 North Park Drive

(647) 448-8623

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